eurotux eMail Exchange

Eurotux's mail filtering service consists in the transfer of the process of anti-virus filtering, spam tagging, DoS attack protection, etc, to Eurotux's platforms, to be later delivered to the client's infra-structure only if the messages pass the filtering process.

As the actual virus filtering occurs in Eurotux's platforms, the client ceases to have the need for more processing power in his own infra-structures and obtain specific software licenses to eliminate virus and tag spam. In the same way, there is no more need for the growing necessity for processing resources and communications, because only clean messages are delivered to these platforms.

This service can double for a email backup service storing the messages off-site from client infra-structures, in case of client server failure, until this can be recovered.
The system can do a email archiving, storing every messages that pass through it.


Security in the Cloud: Ensure the operation of the protection service Datacenter sustained in high security, availability and redundancy of connectivity.

Save time and resources: Delegate responsibility for the maintenance of infrastructure, freeing your team.

Productivity: Eliminate the need to expend time and resources to eliminate the email does not apply.

Scalability: The solution can be adapted to the size of its structure, as their needs vary.

Reduce operations: The service is updated automatically as the rules anti-spam, virus signatures, etc..

Ease of implementation: No need to make changes in its physical structure or install applications.

Protection in the Cloud vs. Local Protection

Better management of resources;

Eliminates initial investment in hardware, licensing and maintenance costs;

Reducing the cost of bandwidth and hardware;

Storing messages in the event of failure of the client server, with the possibility of online backup.