• Spam operations are user configurable
  • Quarantine configurable periodic reports, per domain or user
  • Archive option, keep a backup of all messages
  • On-site imprementation
  • Allows domain alias creation (share configurations)
  • Allows user alias creation
  • User customizable spam scoring
  • Spam allowed operations:
    • Deliver
    • Tag and deliver
    • Tag and quarantine
    • Delete
  • Message size filtering
  • Attachment filtering
  • White/black lists (for domains and users)


  • Contents analysis
  • Heuristics mechanisms
  • Automatic general/specific rules knowledge base updating
  • Gray Listing
  • Anti-virus: Sophos and ClamAv
  • Spamassasin - spam filter
  • Real time Black hole Lists (RBL's)
  • Ip filtering
  • sender's reputation filtering (global lists)
  • Refined application granularity in applying Ip/Domain/email filters
  • Recipient existence verification
  • Dynamic learning system, with every release/delete message

Web Interface

  • Centralized management of all domains and users
  • Multi language interface
  • Theme personalization (logo and color scheme)
  • Quarantine message visualization, per domain or mailbox
  • Quarantine searches
  • Message filter configuration
  • Delivered message history
  • Safe quarantine checking
  • Digest emails, with quarantine message summary

Refined permission system

  • Global domain policies
  • User policy delegation possible
  • Mixed policies, allows exceptions to domain policies
  • Multiple domain administrators
  • Per user policies


  • release/delete by user
  • Virus/attachments only releasable by administrators
  • Searchable

Domain user acquisition

  • Interactive, via web interface
  • LDAP (Qmail, Scalix)
  • Active directory
  • Delegation to email server (pop3, imap)

Domain recipient verification

  • Pre defined list
  • Live method ( by email server check )
  • LDAP (Qmail, Scalix)

Mail User Agent Integration

  • Outlook integration with plugin
  • Thunderbird integration with plugin