Web interface

  • ETMX is a accessible via Web interface, there is no need for any client-side software.

    The interface is designed to be very simple, with easy access to the main options:

    Main console

    Once you register, you can start registering your domains. We provide a trial plan on registration so you can take ETMX for a spin for free (see plans).

  • Domain Administrator interface

    Administrator interface, domain management

    For every managed domain, one administrator can be delegated to manage that domain, he only has access to his domain. Thus he can't add domains or subscribe to new plans.

  • End user interface

    End user interface, quarantine

    In ETMX, end users having accounts is optional, but there are many simple operations that can be performed by common domain users.

    Having access to they're own quarantined messages is very important, who best to decide what to do with quarantined messages?

    Users can consult/release/delete Quarantined messages and if the domain administrator allows it, manage they're own message policies (Spam scoring)

  • Spam scoring

    Spam scoring, message policies

    Available to all ETMX users, if permission is conceded.

    Domains have policies too, they can supersede user's policies if admin chooses domain policies, or be applied in the absence of user policy.

  • Quarantine message previewing

    Quarantine message previewing

    On quarantine message preview, user can consult his message without it being delivered, minimizing any problems of delivering a suspicious message.

    In message preview all images and links are removed, to avoid sender taking knowledge of a successful message delivery.

    The user can decide to release the message, or delete it right away. He can also add the sender to a white/black list.

    The message can be previewed by the user and the respective domain administrator.

  • Recipient verification

    Recipient verification

    ETMX can discard a message if the recipient is not a valid domain user, this functionality requires a valid user list.

    ETMX provides many ways to synchronize this list: direct polling, LDAP and static list.

    Messages without a valid recipient will be not accepted in the system.

    For a full list of the service features see here.

    The screenshots chown here, can be outdated and not show all the services features/options.